This Week at TKSL

We've got a few things to chat about, so sit back, relax.

Firstly, we had so much fun moving house for Khensur Rinpoche we've decided to move the office as well! We're in a bit of a transition phase, so please accept my apologies in advance for the few inevitable hiccups that will occur while we shift resources and settle in.

Next, Khensur Rinpoche has decided to close the school during the time Lama Zopa Rinpoche is at Chenrezig Institute, so students who wish to attend the teachings are able to do so. The break will be from Monday 28 May until Friday 8 June (fear not, I will send reminder emails!)

Then, we have a small collection of holy images from the office that are being freely offered to students. If you would like to give a holy image a new home, see me in class and I'll let you have a look.

We also have a box of items that have been left in the school room since last year. If you have misplaced a water bottle, umbrella etc let me know. If they are not collected by the break, they'll find a new home in the op shop!

Here's this week's schedule.

Updated: 20th May 2018