There are many teachers who have taught and continue to teach at TKSL since it began in 2008. Our current teachers are listed below.

Khensur Rinpoche Geshe Tashi Tsering

Founder, teacher and patron, Khensur Rinpoche began TKSL with the intention of benefiting both Buddhist and non-Buddhist students by educating them on the basis, or how things actually exist. Rinpoche is currently teaching Lorig (Awareness and Knowers), Chapter 26 of Nagarjuna's Fundamental Wisdom on the Middle Way, and Tarig (Reasons and Logic). See Rinpoche's biography here.

Venerable Tshering

Tshering has been Khensur Rinpoche's attendant and translator for more than 20 years, and is one of the original teachers at the school. She has taught many subjects, including the very popular Tibetan classes.

Venerable Tsewang

Tsewang is a long-time student of Kensur Rinpoche. She is a graduate and former tutor of the Buddhist Studies Program at Chenrezig Institute. Beginning this semester, Tsewang will teach Grounds and Paths in our new Buddhist Studies series on Tuesday nights. Tsewang also shares translation duties with Tshering.

Venerable Chodron

Chodron is a long-time student of Kensur Rinpoche and a graduate of the Buddhist Studies Program at Chenrezig Institute. Chodron currently teaches at Karuna and leads our Meditation on Emptiness every Sunday morning.

Venerable Pema

Pema is the manager of TKSL, and teaches the Back to Basics class on Thursday morning.